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52 /hr. NASA’s Developing a Stylish New Spacesuit for Mars | Design | WIRED

The Z-2 Spacesuit is a $4.4 million dollar planetary exploration suit designed for walking the surface of Mars. - 1 minute, 51 seconds

306 /hr. 5 Reasons Your Resume Doesn't Stand Out From the Crowd

The time has come to look for a job. You’ve been editing your resume like a maniac, taking in all the advice on what to take out and what verbs to use. And after much tinkering... - 16 minutes, 17 seconds

417 /hr. Amazon Will Now Offer HBO Content For Prime Customers

Amazon and HBO just announced a licensing... - 32 minutes, 12 seconds

157 /hr. HBO Content Is Coming To Amazon Prime Instant Video Including ‘Sopranos’ And ‘The Wire’ | TechCrunch

Classic HBO programming will soon be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. The two companies announced the programming deal this morning. The first set of.. - 47 minutes, 9 seconds

61 /hr. OnePlus One Smartphone Is a Customizable Beast

Tech startup OnePlus has launched its first smartphone called One, combining a sleek and customizable appearance with some really powerful specifications. - 1 hour, 2 minutes

52 /hr. 9 Years Later, YouTube's First Video Is Too Real for This Internet

On April 23, 2005, Jawed Karim uploaded an 18-second video to a site called YouTube. You'll never believe what happened next... - 1 hour, 17 minutes

57 /hr. Bill Gates Just Tweeted This Vaccine Graphic You Have To See

Vaccines are almost unbelievably cheap. - 3 hours, 47 minutes

200 /hr. Meet Flappy48, The Clone Game To End Clone Games | TechCrunch

Take the rules of 2048. Add the gameplay and physics of Flappy Bird. What do you get? Flappy48 — a weird (yet surprisingly... fun?) bizarro-world mashup.. - 4 hours, 2 minutes

61 /hr. Apple Sells iPhones To Reanimate The Pixies | TechCrunch

One day in the fall of 1990, or maybe it was ’91, I discovered a box my cousin had left at our house. In the box was a black cassette tape with a grubby.. - 7 hours, 2 minutes

66 /hr. Hearthstone for iOS review - CNET

With challenging strategy gameplay and simple touch controls, Hearthstone is worthy of your time even if you've never played a strategy card game. - 14 hours, 45 minutes

1014 /hr. Dish Network Is Partnering With This Startup To Make Cellphone Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G

It's like having fiber Internet on your phone. - 14 hours, 46 minutes

56 /hr. Evernote CEO Details His Company’s Plans For A Wearable Future | TechCrunch

There's a conundrum facing software developers these days: Wearable tech is clearly an area of keen interest among consumers and industry watchers, but how to.. - 14 hours, 47 minutes

94 /hr. Fast Food CEOs Make 1,200 Times As Much as Their Workers

Economic inequality in the U.S. can be quantified in all sorts of ways. The 1% account for almost 40% of the country's wealth. The 0.1% account for more than 10% all by themselv... - 15 hours, 2 minutes

67 /hr. After USB 3.1's new connector, comes Thunderbolt 3's - CNET

Thunderbolt 3 is coming with a smaller connector -- but not for a while. It's tied to Intel's Skylake chips, and those aren't due until 2015. - 15 hours, 30 minutes

311 /hr. An Artist Has Done Something Incredible With Legos

VIDEO: You won't believe how detailed and innovative Nathan Sawaya is with Legos. - 15 hours, 31 minutes

52 /hr. For Earth Day, NASA wants you to take a 'global selfie' - CNET

Celebrating Earth Day? NASA suggests you snap a selfie outside, in a chair, or up in the air to celebrate all that nature has to offer. - 15 hours, 45 minutes

68 /hr. Sol Republic Master Tracks review - CNET

The Sol Republic Master Tracks have a distinct, eye-catching design and good performance, offering better, more refined sound than the original Tracks. - 16 hours, 2 minutes

69 /hr. Apple now lets anyone try the latest beta of OS X for free

Before today, you had to be a developer to test out an early release of OS X. Now, a shift in policy permits anyone to try the latest beta of Apple's desktop operating system, TechCrunch reports. T... - 17 hours, 1 minute

109 /hr. Twitter's New Profiles Are Now Available For Everyone

Twitter's Facebook-like redesign emphasizes larger text, images and a more customizable profile. - 17 hours, 16 minutes

250 /hr. Twitter Starts Rolling Out The New Profile Look — Here’s How To Get It Now | TechCrunch

Over the past few weeks, you might've noticed that some Twitter profiles looked a bit... different. A bit more... well, a bit more like Facebook. That's.. - 17 hours, 32 minutes

172 /hr. DAVID EINHORN: 'We Are Witnessing Our Second Tech Bubble In 15 Years'

David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital says that we're witnessing our second tech bubble in 15 years and that he's shorting a bunch of momentum stocks. - 18 hours, 17 minutes

88 /hr. Larger Version of iPhone 6 Might Be Delayed

A larger version of the iPhone 6 may come with a slimmer battery, but complications related to finding the right size could delay the launch. - 18 hours, 47 minutes

65 /hr. LookFor Kickstarts A Colored Flashing Light For Your Smartphone Screen – Seriously | TechCrunch

If you want to find someone at a big event, it's difficult. "I'm by the big orange thing sort of next to the pretzel vendor kinda" is pretty standard fare for.. - 20 hours, 16 minutes

192 /hr. The Nest Thermostat Is Now Available Through Google Play | TechCrunch

Google's latest toy is available for purchase on Google Play for $249.99. Starting today, conveniently to coincide with Earth Day, Google started selling Nest.. - 20 hours, 32 minutes

131 /hr. SATOSHI'S REVOLUTION: How The Creator Of Bitcoin May Have Stumbled Onto Something Much, Much Bigger

Satoshi's breakthrough. - 20 hours, 47 minutes

52 /hr. Report: Vice Journalist Captured in Eastern Ukraine

Vice journalist Simon Ostrovsky has been captured in Eastern Ukraine, Mashable has learned. - 21 hours, 31 minutes

63 /hr. Brian Williams Raps 'Gin and Juice' on The Tonight Show [VIDEO]

Brain "B-Dubs" Williams is back at it again on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. - 22 hours, 2 minutes

192 /hr. TV Networks Are So Scared About This App, They're Taking It All The Way To The Supreme Court

Find out how Aereo, a virtual DVR that streams shows on broadcast networks, works. - 22 hours, 16 minutes

51 /hr. Twitter's Redesign Makes the Platform Ripe for Recruitment

With the introduction of new features and a new layout, Twitter may become an increasingly valuable resource for job seekers and recruiters alike. - 23 hours, 16 minutes

134 /hr. Look What Happened To Amazon's Revenues When A Sales Tax Was Imposed...

Amazon has seen sales drop by as much as 24 percent. - 23 hours, 31 minutes